A procedure that treats unwanted fat on the body that is usually genetic and difficult to remove with exercising and dieting such as:

Tummy rolls- Love Handles-Saddle bags-Inner thighs-

Double Chin-Bra handles

The LipoSculpting procedure involves injections of fat dissolving and fat cell-destroying substances into the areas chosen for treatment.

The injection involves many little needles and the exact area is marked out and injected. The substance is injected directly into the fat cell layer where it is needed, and destroying the fat cell layers from the skin downwards.

Therefore it is necessary to repeat the process a few times to reach all the fat layers and to see results.

One area is normally 8cm by 10 cm. When working the areas out, the rule is:

”if you can grab it you can inject it!“

It is better to focus on one area and do enough injections on that area rather than do bits and pieces allover, you can always do the other areas later.

For the best results you should be within 3-5kg of goal weight.