Fillers are used to correct wrinkles and facial folds.

The appearance of wrinkles and facial folds can be smoothed by adding structure and volume underneath and bringing sunken skin back up to the surface.

Generally, this is done by injecting materials(Hyaluronic acid fillers) into the skin, to achieve a temporary effect -lasting 12-24 months.

Hyaluronic acid Filler is a smooth injectable gel, that gets injected under the skin to instantly smooth out those wrinkles or folds.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural complex sugar found in all living cells, and one major component of the dermis connective tissue matrix, along with collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for maintaining water in the skin and hydrates the skin and therefore adds volume to the skin.

It can be used to add volume to

-          Nasolabial folds

-          Perioral area

-          Cheeks

-          Marionette lines

-          Tear troughs

-          Lip augmentation

-          Scars

-          Jaw line

-          Hands

Non-surgical Facelift

-         Combination of Botox and Fillers with/without other procedures