A consultation fee will be charged for appointments not kept or not cancelled 24 HOURS before.

'N konsultasie fooi sal gehef word vir afsprake nie nagekom of nie 24 uur vooraf gekanselleer nie.

As weight loss is a medical problem, you will be closely monitored by qualified medical doctors throughout the course of your treatment. We are all members of the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Our mission is not only to support you throughout your weight-loss, but also to teach you a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  It is of no use if you loose all the excess fat, just to gain it again!  Our team will help you to discover why you are overweight, encourage you to change your bad habits, motivate you when you are down and empower you to be a better you!  We are all passionate about weight loss and well-being and have a desire to help you achieve long-lasting results..